Self-Paced Training

Astron Solutions is developing a library of self-paced training courses covering a broad array of topics and concerns human resources personnel manage on a daily basis. The first four courses in the Astron library are now available.

  • Astron Solutions: FLSA Training
  • Manager's Guide to Performance Management
  • Managers' Guide to Writing Effective Job Descriptions
  • Interview Guide for Managers

Astron is also partnering with a variety of subject matter experts so that we may bring you a robust library of self-paced training courses for human resource personnel, and your employees. All courses are delivered from a single access point of access.

The Marcom Group - MARCOM's safety, health and regulatory compliance courses make up one of the most extensive online libraries (over 100 courses) in the industry. The Library includes Industrial Safety Courses such as Back Safety, Driving Safety, Hazardous Materials Labels, and Forklift/Powered Industrial Truck Safety; Office Safety Courses such as Computer Workstation Safety, Office Safety, and Office Ergonomics; Regulatory Compliance Courses.

CRKInteractive - CRK provides self-paced training courses for management, sales and customer service personnel.

Drug Free Business Solutions - DFBS helps organizations meet federal, state, and industry drug and alcohol training requirements, and carry out their substance abuse policies, by providing technology-based education for employees and training for supervisors about drugs, alcohol, and the workplace programs to prevent their misuse. By helping companies remain drug free, DFBS's training programs can also improve safety, cut healthcare costs, and raise productivity, which can save money.

The New York Institute of Finance - NYIF offers a broad based curriculum covering all levels, in subjects ranging from accounting for financial instruments to capital budgeting and analysis. Courses combine academic rigor with an in-depth understanding of how business and finance work in the real world.

Medcom - Medcom provides self-paced training courses to assist hospitals and other healthcare organizations in meeting their annual training needs. With over 1,000 courses available, Medcom's library covers your desired training topics. Courses range from mandatory updates for all employees on JCAHO, HIPAA, and OSHA, to basic and advanced cross-training for RNs, LPNs, and CNAs, to billing and coding. Medcom also provides courses on topics specifically geared to physicians, long-term care operations, and home health aides.

Learning Management System

Astron's self-paced training includes the use of a comprehensive Learning Management System (LMS) at no additional cost. Using the LMS, training administrators can monitor employee training, collect and store employee performance information, and generate certificates of completion. With LearningSpan, even the smallest company has the advantage of a robust training library and comprehensive LMS.


Self-Paced Training engages multiple senses and requires the learner to actively participate in their training, while still allowing them to learn at their own pace. Many courses contain full motion video, interactive Q&A, and pre and post course testing. All courses are available on demand, 24/7, at anytime convenient to the learner. Courses bookmark, allowing learners to exit a course if needed, and return to the course and pick where left off.