Total Rewards

Explore below how our Total Rewards consulting services are tailored to your needs.

Base Compensation

Are you looking for a quick market analysis? A full-scale compensation program design? Or something in between? We're your source for assistance in this area. Click on a link below to learn how we can support you:

  • External Market Pricing - Individual Positions


    How many times have we heard "I can make more money at our competitor down the street?" With Astron Solutions on your side, you won't have to guess at the market competitiveness of your organization's compensation program. We can benchmark base pay, pay differential, incentive payouts, and benefits levels to determine your organization's competitive position. The choice to use published survey data or custom survey analysis is yours.

    In addition to determining your competitive stance, we'll provide you with recommendations to help you get where you want to be.

    To start the process, send us your job description for the position under review, your compensation philosophy, the position's current pay range, and your incumbent(s') current pay and bonus information. Within 3 business days, you will have a PowerPoint report outlining our methodology, findings, and recommendations.

  • External Market Pricing - Large Scale Projects


    Do you have a base pay system that's lost touch with the market? Or perhaps your organization has never had a formal pay structure. No matter your situation, put the expertise of Astron's team to work for you. We'll first partner with you to understand your current situation - opportunities and constraints - as well as your strategic goals. After our discovery phase, we'll develop a market-based pay system that reflects the external market as defined by your organization and its realities. We'll market price a variety of jobs across disciplines and levels to obtain the most relevant data. The number of jobs we examine is up to you. Some clients need only 20 jobs priced, others 200. Either way, our flexible, innovative approach to cash-based compensation programs will help you make the most of a limited compensation budget.

    Market Pricing Appendix XYZ Company

    XYZ Company Market Pricing - Senior Management Presentation

  • Internal Pay Strategy Design / Job Evaluation


    Sometimes the market just doesn't match your organization's job. Job evaluation may be the solution for effectively and defensibly slotting positions into your base pay system. Our consultants will work with you to develop a custom job evaluation plan that addresses the relative value of jobs within your organization. We can then partner with you to develop a job description system starting with your current job description information, to save you and your managers the added time and expense of providing new job documentation in support of the job evaluation process.

    Our services don't stop after initial implementation. We'll assist you for years to come to make sure your custom plan meets your organization's changing needs and the market's changing demands.

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  • Custom surveys


    Astron's salary and benefits surveys can clear the muddy waters of total rewards for critical positions in any industry / region. Provided with a list of potential participants and desired information, our consultants will translate your needs into a custom survey. We'll provide you with the data you need while meeting all legal anti-trust requirements.

    Spotlight: Louisiana State Healthcare Surveys

    Since 2002, we've conducted healthcare compensation and benefits surveys for the state of Louisiana, sponsored by the Greater New Orleans Society for Healthcare Human Resources (GNOSHHRA), ShareCor, the Louisiana Hospital Association (LHA), and the Metropolitan Hospital Council of New Orleans (MHCNO).

    Our largest Louisiana survey to date was the Spring 2003 Staff Survey. The results represent wage and differential data reported by 78 organizations encompassing 53,526 incumbents in 153 positions. Click on the link below for a sample of the final report; we're sure you'll understand why our surveys have been so well-received in Louisiana!

    Sample Survey

    The salary survey of staff and leadership positions is conducted each Spring. Data collection begins in March, with results available in late May. 

    Interested in purchasing back copies of the Staff, Management, or Benefits surveys? Contact us and we'll send you the information you need.

Specialized Compensation

Need some assistance beyond the "base"ics? Our specialized compensation programs put you on the cutting edge of linking pay to performance and strategically developing your employees.

  • Compensation Strategy Design


    An organization that lacks a formal compensation strategy is like a train without an engineer. You need to know where your organization wants to be in order to spend your total compensation dollars effectively. At Astron, we'll work with you and your organization's senior team to determine the target market level, competitive organizations, and geographic concerns that are critical for making future compensation and benefits decisions. After we review your organization's strategic plan, we use a combination of in-service education and thought-provoking questions in a group setting to elicit discussion and reach consensus.

    Don't throw your organization's resources out each payday! Contact us today, and be sure your investment in compensation and benefits is sound and supportive of your organization's overall strategy.

  • Incentive/Variable Programs


    If you're concerned about how effectively you measure and recognize performance, and want to foster a feeling of employee ownership in your organization, call and ask about our approach to designing incentive plans and other variable compensation programs

    A well-designed incentive compensation program focuses your employees on collective success. Being compensated for reaching departmental or organizational objectives builds teamwork, suppresses entitlement mentality, and focuses your employees on a common goal.

    What's more, such a program can be had with no impact on operational expenses. Call our toll-free number today, and we'll help you build a program that pays for itself. Work with us to revamp or expand your current compensation practices, and take advantage of our years of experience.

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  • Sales Compensation


    Boost the morale of your sales force with the development and implementation of a sales incentive compensation program that delivers results. Our consultants meet with your senior management team to determine what's important to your organization. We also meet with your sales force to get their take on the current pay situation, exploring what they'd like in a sales compensation plan. Keeping in mind both perspectives, we'll work with you to design a sales compensation plan that motivates your sales force like never before, while keeping the organization moving towards its strategic goals.

    We can also develop non-cash based sales compensation plans to get non-sales employees more involved in the sales process.

    With our systems, recordkeeping is kept to a minimum. If you need automated tools to help you keep track of the sales force's efforts, we're there for you too.

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  • Performance Management


    Is your performance appraisal system just not working anymore?

    Your new system, designed in partnership with Astron, will be customized to ensure it includes key organizational values and measures, while taking a user-friendly approach. We'll also create as many variations of your system as needed: one form for all employees, or different forms for different organizational levels or lengths of tenure.

    Whether your system needs a tune-up or a major overhaul, call Astron Solutions. We'll start with a senior management meeting to learn more about your organization's goals, desires, and current state of performance management. Employee focus groups provide another perspective on the present system. Our years of experience translate these findings into an easy-to-use, legally compliant performance management system that will be used consistently across your organization.

    Take advantage of Astron's experience, and you'll address multiple aspects of employee performance easily and concisely. We'll help you focus on the organizational values and essential functions of each position while meeting industry and legislative requirements.

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  • Pay for Performance / Merit Matrix


    When you're working with a limited merit budget, there's little room for error. Dollars must be spent wisely to ensure your top employees are recognized, rewarded, motivated, and eager to stay with your organization. Don't guess at what will work.

    We can partner with you to develop a merit matrix that considers one or multiple dimensions of performance, while getting the return on investment you need. Prior to launching the new system, we'll test our model with your historical trend data to ensure fiscal sensitivity.

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  • Career Progression Programs


    In the near future, American businesses will be doing all they can to hold on to their retiring Baby Boomer employees, while trying to woo Generations X and Y. If your organization is concerned about future or current issues of recruitment and retention, we can help!

    Our proprietary research shows that change of career objectives is the number one reason employees leave their jobs. With our Career Progression Program Design, you have the opportunity to build career paths that give employees somewhere to go within your organization. Career mobility gives your current employees a sense of direction, and entices the future stars of your organization to give you a second look. Career paths also facilitate recruitment from within, reducing turnover, "time to fill" vacancies, and dependence on agencies.

    Our career progression programs define varying levels of job complexity and employee competency, along with the appropriate pay range for each combination. You then have the framework for recruitment and promotional planning, and training identification.

    Call us, and you'll benefit from our fully developed, thoroughly tested Career Progression Program, tailored to the needs of your organization.

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  • Executive Compensation


    Executive Compensation has a language and legal regulations all its own. Whether you need assistance with developing a basic compensation plan, support analyzing and interpreting Proxy or IRS-990 data, or leadership to create a phantom stock plan, Astron is your source. Tap into our experiences in multiple industries to provide you with the expert, third-party guidance needed for successful resolution of sensitive situations.

  • Performance Appraisal Schedule


    When you have an anniversary date performance appraisal system, and you don't know how to change to a common review date approach, let Astron lead the way. We've been through the process numerous times. Let us guide you through the special first year budgeting and compensation modeling. We'll also help you with the manager and employee training needed to ensure a successful implementation.

  • Employee Communications


    Rolling out a new HR program, but not sure how to field the inevitable questions? We can design communication tools of varying tone and complexity. From one page sell sheets to multipage Q&A booklets, we'll highlight the key facts your employees need to know. Your communication tools will be customized by audience, since managers need to know about different aspects of a compensation program than staff employees. Your tools will also be customized to fit the medium - paper letter, newsletter article, training guide, or internet / intranet resource.

  • Policy Development


    Compensation programs need support to have lasting value. Your Astron Solutions consultant will develop the policies and procedures necessary to keep your compensation programs running effectively and equitably. The policy document will outline program basics, and roles and responsibilities of both HR and line management. Also included are the necessary forms for ongoing documentation.

  • FLSA Analysis


    Exempt or non-exempt? That is the question you need to be able to answer. When you're not sure, contact us for our non-legal opinion. We can also assist with determining an employee's regular rate of pay for overtime purposes.

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  • Annual Retainers


    Do you have many projects you need to tackle this year? Seeking to consolidate the number of consultants you use and invoices you receive? Contact us today to explore the terms of our annual retainers for larger-scale compensation and Human Resource efforts involving a combination of services.