Finders KeepersTM Employee Retention

When organizations conduct employee surveys, information on employee satisfiers and dissatisfiers come to the surface. Armed with this information, your organization can make positive changes to stem undesired turnover and reduce related costs. Use this FlareTM module to improve your organization's on-boarding process or to create an organization opinion survey or a department survey. It is easy to create ad-hoc reports. Create users and assign access rights to these different users to secure what they can and cannot see. Authorized users can create a survey at anytime. Includes Opinion Surveys and 360 Degree Reviews.

  • First Impression Survey


    You know what you think about them...but what do they think about you? Through unique questions and honest feedback, you will learn how your organization comes across during those critical first few months for new employees.

    To attract the best candidates, you have to be at your best. Interviews and trial periods work both ways. Your new hires most likely interviewed at numerous organizations, possibly with your competitors, trying to determine their best match. The upcoming economic boom will allow them to still be choosey about for whom they work, regardless if they already signed on with your organization. Are your new employees happy that they chose you?

    This is the time to reinforce the fact that the new employee made the right decision by providing integration into the corporate culture, encouraging open communication, and letting them know that you value their feedback.

    The First Impression survey includes scaled questions and open-ended questions customized to your organization's specific needs. Aimed at drawing out vital information from new employees, the survey features a series of questions on sections including Interaction with Co-workers, Human Resources, and Work Practices.

    Sample Questions:

    Interaction with Co-workers I agree I Have No Opinion I Disagree
    I have had my job expectations explained to me by my supervisor.

    Human Resources I agree I Have No Opinion I Disagree
    I have received the training to do my job.

    Work Practices I agree I Have No Opinion I Disagree
    I understand the use of safe working practices.

    We will compile the results and provide you with a detailed summary of the feedback, pinpointing your organization's strengths and weaknesses. Now you have the power to make i mprovements and optimize your recruitment and new hire orientation program.

  • Job Offer Turndown Survey


    Ouch. Nobody likes rejection.

    You thought you found the perfect match, but your offer was declined. What happened?

    Our Job Offer Survey promises more than "It's not you, it's me" answers. Whether it's one main reason or a combination of factors, we will get to the bottom of why it didn't work out. We will then provide a summary of what your company can do in the future in order to make potential employees say "Yes!"

    The Job Offer Survey utilizes a combination of scaled and open-ended questions regarding the interview process and the candidate's ultimate decision, garnering the most comprehensive results.

    Sample Questions:

    What is your primary reason for not taking a position at this organization?

    Facility location
    Higher salary elsewhere
    Not interested in position
    Perceived lack of advancement
    Perceived lack of professional advancement
    Perceived lack of workplace safety
    Uncomfortable with future supervisor
    Work hours
    Not relocating to the area
    Other (please describe)

    How would you describe the work atmosphere in your offered department?

    A detailed summary of the results will let you know what enhancements can be made in order to make your organization an employer of choice. The information gained from this survey will help give you the tools you need to turn a "Thanks, anyway" into a "Sign me up!"

  • Stay Interview


    You're happy. Your star employees are happy.

    At least you think they're happy. Have you asked them lately?

    Never underestimate the power of positive communication in a relationship. The Stay Interview will obtain vital information from your employees about what they like and don't like about their jobs, while most importantly, letting them know that you value their skill and dedication.

    Sample Questions:

    • Why do you stay at this organization?
    • What would make you leave?
    • What motivates you to excel in your position?
    • What should we do to ensure that you would stay?

    Thought-provoking questions such as these will prove enlightening and highly beneficial. Once we compile the results, we will help you take necessary action to keep those star employees from moving on to other opportunities. Even if it is a request that you don't think your organization can put into action at the moment, we will work with you to come up with other ways to keep your best employees satisfied. Avoid turnover and boost morale at the same time with our Stay Interview.

    If you do what you can to make them want to stay on board, chances are they won't "jump ship."

  • Opinion Survey


    Everyone has an opinion. The problem is, sometimes employees are reluctant to share it. Are they afraid of losing their anonymity? You bet!

    We understand the need for survey anonymity, and we realize the importance of honest, solid feedback from your employees. Our Opinion Survey, filled with thought-provoking questions, will get you the answers you need to make positive organizational change.

    The data collection and processing tasks in this survey are streamlined to save you time and money. The survey takes a variety of forms, depending on your organization's technological sophistication, size, and needs. Outsource the entire process to us to utilize our data entry and reporting efficiencies and expertise.

    Administer the opinion survey questionnaire via paper forms, the Web, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), or a combination thereof. The choice is yours.

    Questions customized to your needs are grouped according to subject, and are answered most typically by using a 3- or 5-point rating scale. We also provide space for write-in responses.

    Sample Questions:

    SA=Strongly Agree, A= Agree, NAD = Neither Agree nor Disagree, D= Disagree, SD = Strongly Disagree.

    Work Environment SA A NAD D SD
    I have had my job expectations explained to me by my supervisor.

    Compensation and Benefits
    My pay is appropriate for the work I do.

    Managerial / Supervisory Relationships
    My immediate supervisor allows for two-way communication.

    Overall Organizational Perception
    As long as I perform my job well, I do not fear losing it.

    Tap the resources of Astron Solutions and have one of our consultants present the results to your management team. During the process, we'll facilitate development of the positive action steps the team should take to respond to the findings.

  • Exit Interviews and Analysis


    How many times have you heard employees say they are leaving their jobs for more money? Our proprietary research shows that's often not the case. But how to get at the truth?

    Outsource your organization's exit interview process to Astron Solutions, and discover the real reasons why people are leaving your organization. Jennifer C. Loftus, National Director, will work with you to personally ensure that your customized exit interview system meets your needs. You'll then go live with the new survey process via paper forms, the Web, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), or a combination thereof. The choice is yours.

    Jennifer developed Astron's exit interview normative database, which currently tracks responses from over 10,300 returned exit interview questionnaires nationwide. The database is updated quarterly. Access to these updated proprietary research findings is included as a value-added service in each of your exit interview reports.

    Astron's pioneering research was featured in an article Jennifer authored for Workspan magazine. The article, entitled "I Said it was the Money...but I Lied," can be found in the WorldatWork online archives, or click here to visit our site's Presentation section. We challenge you to find similar research made available to you at a comparable price!