Flare® Web-Based Talent Management

We know it's difficult to achieve your strategic HR goals effectively and efficiently using a patchwork of HR systems. Astron Solutions' Flare® Talent Management Suite offers you a consolidated framework for managing your employees' needs from their first day to their last. With the Suite's component foundation, you can use one or all of our modules to customize your organization's talent management process.

Flare(®) All modules include:
• Message boards
• Upload of employee information and reporting relationships
• System data security
• Data archive
• Unlimited users and employees

Data is housed on secure servers with 99.9% uptime. Prices of modules are for one-time purchase that includes initial customization to meet your organization's needs. There is an annual hosting and maintenance fee after the first year per organization regardless of the number of modules purchased.

Available Modules:

  • Performance Appraisal Module


    Flare Appraisal Recreate your organization's performance review forms with an entirely Web-based platform. Appraisal forms can be updated at any time. Each employee's appraisal can be pre-populated with job description information and other desired demographics. The Performance Management Module has embedded validations to ensure that all required fields are completed. This module also performs calculations of all mathematical tabulations to ensure accurate scoring. Other features of our system include:

    • Self-reviews
    • HR approvals
    • Summary reports
    • Second line manager approvals
    • Electronic or traditional paper signatures

  • Pay for Performance Merit Module


    Flare Merit This module makes determining merit increase awards a breeze. In three easy steps, all employees will have a merit increase percentage assigned to them. First, the system captures your employees' demographic information and performance appraisal scores. Next, you enter your merit matrix and determine which groups of appraisal scores should receive increases of a particular size. Then the module does the rest. You'll meet your merit increase budget time and again, and you'll have the reports you need for senior management. Calculates increases as a percent of base pay, lump sum, or a combination of both. Factors such as position in range (compa ratio) and performance appraisal score can be tied to the increase process.

  • Job Description Module


    Flare Job Description With this module, you can design job description templates and edit these templates at any time. Authorized staff will have rights to automate job description updates and to make recommended changes to job descriptions, reserving the final updates and approvals for HR. This module also has the capacity to develop and edit competency templates.

  • Staff Advancement MonitorTM


    Flare Staff Advancement Monitor This module enables you to develop recommended primary and secondary competencies and developmental activities required for an employee to be eligible for promotional consideration. You can view a listing of all participating employees, as well as their mentors and targeted growth position(s). Users can upload Adobe Acrobat copies of participants' résumés or other biographical documents provided by your organization. Search within the organization to find an employee who fits the position or identify employees for advancement by tracking their progress. The module pre-populates each participating employee's file with current information. Our embedded validations ensure that all required fields are completed. Generate summary reports for HR's review and use in administering the program.

  • Finders KeepersTM


    Flare Finders Keepers When organizations conduct employee surveys, information on employee satisfiers and dissatisfiers come to the surface. Armed with this information, your organization can make positive changes to stem undesired turnover and reduce related costs. Use this module to improve your organization's on-boarding process or to create an organization opinion survey or a department survey. Create users and assign access rights to these different users to secure what they can and cannot see. Authorized users can create a survey at any time. Includes Employee Opinion Surveys and 360 Degree Performance Reviews.

  • Job Posting/Job Bidding


    Job Posting:
    HR and users who have access rights can post open positions within the organization. Employees can apply for a position with the click of a button without sending any information directly to a manager. The hiring manager can view the employee's credentials and résumé from the system.

    Job Bidding:
    Even though a position may not be vacant, users can place a bid for a desired job. When that position becomes available, a manager can see whether anyone is interested in the position before posting it. A candidate may be the right fit and already in the queue, saving you time and money from posting and searching for someone.

  • Job Evaluation Module


    Flare Job Evaluation This module allows HR to analyze existing job descriptions to point and grade them to ensure consistency throughout the organization. This module also creates consistent templates by job category or job function.

  • Incentive/Sales Commission Tracker Module


    Track your organization's sales for each employee and location. Utilize the built in calculations which your organization's administrators can update at any time. These calculations will determine which types of incentives each team member will receive. Export detailed reports in PDF or Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

  • Salary Forecasting Module


    Don't be caught off guard by payroll overruns. Use FlareTM's salary forecasting module to accurately estimate your organization's payroll costs by month or payroll period. Model your payroll expenditures for the coming twelve months, while accounting for overtime, temporary positions, new hires, and reductions in force by attrition or layoff.

  • Exit Interviews and Analysis Module


    This module allows you to create your own questionnaires for completion by former employees. Once that data is collected, you can identify and analyze reasons why employees have left the organization. Knowing what satisfies and dissatisfies employees can help you work to reduce turnover and associated costs. Other features include:

    • Ad-hoc reporting
    • Create detailed reports by organization, department or unit, manager or supervisor
    • Create users and assign access rights to these different users to secure what they can and cannot view
    • Utilize the module's third party normative database for external benchmarking

  • Position Market Pricing Module


    Flare Position Market Pricing Does your organization purchase multiple salary surveys to do external benchmarking? Now you can organize those salary surveys into one location by uploading them into the FlareTM Market Pricing Module. Once the surveys are uploaded, your organization's HR Department can run salary data queries and find job titles that match across all surveys in the module at any time. Users can see breakouts by industry, organization size, location, region, and much more. The uploading process is simple, and your organization can upload additional surveys at any time. Features of the Market Pricing Module include:

    • Instantly age survey to a common effective date
    • Blend multiple jobs for hybrid pricing
    • Export reports into an Excel spreadsheet
    • Print out survey job descriptions
    • Save job matches into your system's job title bank
    • Level job matches
    • Apply geographic factors to national or regional data

  • PeopleClues(R) Pre-Employment Testing


    Complement your current hiring processes with PeopleClues(R). This module is a statistically significant, valid and reliable web-based testing system that provides you with keen insights into candidates. After candidates answer questions as part of a 15 minute assessment, you can run analyses showing the person's potential fit for and success in various roles. Along with an overall suitability assessment and findings from several job related dimensions, PeopleClues(R) provides you with targeted interview questions to further explore candidates' strengths and weaknesses. You can also use this system to determine suitability of candidates for promotional opportunities and internal job transfers.

    Annual fees are based on number of employees.

  • Total Rewards Statements


    You know how much your total rewards programs are worth, but do your employees? They will if you're using Flare®'s total rewards statement module. Updated in real-time with salary, variable compensation, and benefit cost and value information, the module provides secure access for employees to understand just how much they mean to your organization.

  • Applicant Tracking and Onboarding


    This module streamlines your applicant tracking and onboarding processes to faciliate a "green" approach to recruitment. Prospective employees can enter their information directly from your organization's job portal, or through any of the major recruitment sites. Easily route résumés internally and document hiring decisions through the module's functionality. Once you've made your hiring decision, the module provides several tools for ensuring the onboarding and related paperwork facilitate a seamless transition of the new hire into your organization.

  • Learning Management System


    Learning doesn't stop after orientation. To ensure your employees continue to learn and grow, utilize FlareTM's Learning Management System. With over 130 courses covering a wide range of Human Resource, Management, Safety, and general business topics, you're sure to find the ease and budget friendly fees offered by on-line training to be an effective means for both growing your organization's internal talent and expanding your organization's total rewards offerings.

  • Time and Attendance


    Still using paper timesheets to keep track of attendance? With Astron's time and attendance module, you free yourself from the inaccuracies and "paper chase" associated with a manual system. The module is configurable to your organization's unique payroll rules, as well as state and federal payroll requiments. Daily overtime? Not a problem. Need to schedule vacation time? Check. The module provides you with the checks and balances you need, in an easy to use format.

  • Human Capital Audit


    Make sure you're using your employees' talents to their fullest with the Human Capital Audit. The module links key position competencies to your employees' skills to identify developmental gaps and opportunities for strategic redeployment. With the proper alignment of employees skills and organizational needs, group success is sure to follow.

  • The Wildfire Coach(R)


    Are your employees facing challenges working up to their potential? The Wildfire Coach(R) will help you to understand whether the root causes are internal to your organization or are from the external environment, while providing supportive consulting and advice on necessary action steps. The module goes beyond a technology-based solution to include individual, confidential coaching sessions for employees focused on resolving issues and moving forward productively.